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Ungheria la squadra di kajak sul lago di Paola

Life of Sabaudia: Sabaudia is a coastal town in the province of Latina, Lazio, central Italy. It’s a beautiful, quite town with kind people. There are many hotels near the sea, for example Oasi di kufra, where the athletes, like bike riders, kayakers, canoeists can spend a great time in between the hard training sessions. In the local canoe club ( Canotteri di sabaudia) there are lots of nice peoplewho are happy to provide space for other competitors from abroad. We, the hungarian canoe team have come here several times for training camp in march, when the weather conditions are not as suitable for the proper implementation of the training sessions in Hungary as here. We love to spend time here, the lake gives us a great opportunity to train in good conditions. But we are not the only ones who come here to train. The Danish, Slovak and German national canoe teamsare also happy to spend time and train here. Olympic, World and Euroean champions start their training in Sabaudia at the begining of the year, to prepare for the competitions. In our team there are many successful competitors, for example Vad Ninetta who is a multiplie World and European champion, Nagy Péter World champion canoeist or Bara Alexandra, who is one of the best marathon racers, she is also a World and Euroean champion. But the younger competitors also achieved great results, including the U23 European Championship bronze medalistsNagy Szimonetta and Miskó Noémi, or Váczai Enikő, who is a marathon European champion and the U23 World Championship bronze medalists Simán Fanni and Szilágyi Anett. When we have a break from the hard trainings, we usually look around the city, have a cup of coffe, buy something int he local market or climb up the mountain, Cireceo.
To sum up, we love this town, the life of Sabaudia, the nice people, so thank you for providing us with the opportunitytoexercise andforcontributingtoour success.

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