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“High Steppin” new album Marty Grebb

Some of you may be wondering, "Who's Marty Grebb?" Those of you who do know wonder "How does anyone not know who Marty Grebb is?"

And even if you don't know Marty Grebb, you've probably heard his work and didn't know it.

Read his bio and chances are you've heard him live in somebody's band or on somebody's record - from Bonnie Raitt to Leon Russell.

Listen to his new album and you'll hear why he has been in demand as a musician by some of the biggest names in music.

THE songwriter, THE musician(s), THE producer, and THE singer on his new album, High Steppin', you can hear all of who Marty Grebb is.

Luna Chica Records is proud to present to you, Marty Grebb.

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